About us

Closed Joint-Stock Company “Balgra ir Ko” was founded in 2007. The newly founded company successfully took over the operations of the JSC “Stamecha” which since 1995 have been anchored in granite processing industry.

JSC “Balgra ir Ko” has acquired the Italian and German major stone processing equipment and developed a team of highly skilled professionals qualified in stone cutting, polishing, sanding, and carving of various forms and providing them the necessary measurements.

The available equipment allows production of the most accurate and highest-quality forms.


Processing stone blocks in order to obtain the desired form, the stone passes all the technological chain – from the cutting of large blocks to the extraction of the final forms.

The stone is also chopped by the chopping presses. With the help of these presses we produce: fixings, sides, columns, exterior walls, roadsides, cap, and fireplace items.

JSC “Balgra ir Ko” conducted a lot of most difficult projects and cheered its customers by the quality and speed of performance.

Public spaces resurrected for a new life - squares, parks, cheer every passer-by and decorate Lithuania.


High-quality works and great ideas – that is JSC “Balgra ir Ko” exclusive attributes which turns the performed works into eternal.